Mission of VegansPlanet stake pool

The mission of the stake pool is to promote Cardano and to support the Cardano community by providing ADA investors that delegate their stakes to VegansPlanet stake pool the opportunity to earn a reliable source of the passive income while increasing the security of the Cardano and its decentralization.

Commitments of VegansPlanet stake pool

VegansPlanet stake pool is committed to engage with the Cardano community and to promote environmentally conscious decisions that are impacting the well-being of the planet earth. The achievement of the balanced and sustainable solutions for the planet, the environment as well as earth’s inhabitants starts with the promotion of building a reliable and a fair financial system that should offer the humanity to achieve equal opportunities. The balanced access to the resources will permit focus less on the destructive consumption.

VegansPlanet stake pool is a platform where you can obtain information related to the Cardano blockchain, its native cryptocurrency ADA as well as ADA staking.

VegansPlanet stake pool wants help people with solving their critical Crypto Currency development challenges.

VegansPlanet stake pool operators

The VegansPlanet stakepool is operated out of the European Union by two environmentally conscious and technology enthusiastic individuals. Between the two VegansPlanet stakepool operators, we share expertise in the global financial markets, fundamental and technical analysis.

In addition to the shared interests in the global financial markets, we are strong believers in the big data analysis, IT programming, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

VegansPlanet stake pool ADA pledge and Margin

In the early startup phase, the VegansPlanet pledge will be set at a low level of ADA (e.g., 1,000).

Once the systems have been fully operational and tested, the pledge will be gradually enlarged over the short period of time. The ADA small pool margin is set at 1.9%.

Experience the growing VegansPlanet stake pool with us